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Sunday Dinner To Go

$69 for two portions

Gather the family for an extra-special meal with a delicious Sunday dinner prepared by the culinary team at Cobble Beach. 

June 7th Dinner Menu:

Fennel salad
sliced orange, lemon olive oil, pickled onions & arugula

Marinated tomatoes
peeled cucumbers, charred onion, Modena balsamic & shaved goat cheddar

Porchetta style Roast Turkey
Turkey breast rolled with fennel, garlic, sage, red chilies & ground turkey

Green Beans
Braised with tomato, garlic & fresh thyme

New potatoes 
Simply boiled, crushed with extra virgin olive oil, grana Padano & Italian parsley

Fresh sliced strawberries & chocolate mint

Honey - ricotta mousse, candied almonds & dark chocolate ganache

How to place your order:
Phone: 519.370.2173 ext 114